Lens Technology – Did you know?  

Our lenses allow wearers to experience high resolution vision with the latest technology.  We use Essilor products, the worldwide leaders in research and inovation.  Essilor invented Varilux progressive lenses in 1959, is the leading progressive brand worldwide and has more than 50 patents as a result of nearly 60 years of research and development.  We strongly believe there are no substitutes for your vision.



 Varilux X Series progressive lenses became available in September of 2017.  They allow wearers to experience flawless vision and eliminate the need for head adjustments to see near and intermediate distances.  We offer a comprensive line of Varilux Progressive Lenses, allowing our opticians to choose the best lens choice based on the wearers’ needs.






Crizal is a treatment applied to the lens to give the wearer clear, reflection free vision.  Virtually all of our lenses include premium versions of Crizal that offer superior protection against scratches, resist smudges, dirt and water and even have built in UV protection.





Protection from Blue Light


The Eyeprotect System occurs when lens material and lens treatment properties work together to protect the wearers’ eyes from harmful blue light.  We live in a time when we are frequently exposed to blue light which can cause eye fatigue, disturb sleep patterns and may even cause cataracts and macular degeneration.  Common sources include LED’s, computers, tablets and smart phones.  We are able to offer different levels of protection, based on the wearers’ needs.






Task Specific

  We offer the complete line of Digitime products.  This technology allows us to tailor a near range lens to match the wearer’s lifestyle.  There is a wide range of what these lenses can do.  Read a book and see the TV across the room or spend hours on the computer….. we have a solution.





Single Vision – A Superior Option

 Eyezen lenses are a more sophisticated single vision lens that helps wearers between the ages of 20 and 45 achieve a higher level of visual comfort.  People in these age catagories use their eyes for more close and intermediate distances than ever.   These lenses allow the eyes to relax and are available with two different levels of blue light protection.



UV and Glare Protection

The sun can be dangerous to visual health. Polarized lenses give 100% UV protection, eliminate reflected glare and dazzling light, improve contrast and allow for true color perception. By protecting eyes from the sun, wearers greatly reduce the risk of developing serious eye health concerns such as cataracts and macular degeneration. Sunglasses should be fashionable, but most importantly, they should offer optimal visual comfort and offer superior protection from harmful rays.





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